Ceremony of Longing

This is a live ceremony where we work with stories of the audience and work through them, using our bodies to diagnose the longing and then dance for it 

We wanted to make an offering to our communities, to make some sense of the loss, despair and human suffering the world at large has endured and we in India continue to navigate.

It has been observed, by the wisest ones of our tribe that this moment is likely a portal – one through which we can access or create the future. However, this could also be a hole through which we could fall into a manifestation of our deepest shadows – a dystopia that we could never imagine but have indeed consciously or unconsciously partaken in the creation of.

Our process revealed to us that the potency of our longing and desire was indeed essential for us at this time. If we cannot even see what it is that we yearn for, how do we name it ? And if we do not name it, how do we collectively work towards manifesting this future that we want to move into.

We also discovered that there was much universal longing in the  collective community ( based on the stories we were receiving). The simplest, most basic things that any child would be able to point us towards. Many of us, have forgotten these. This work is an offering to simply help us remember.

May we know what we long for
and may this longing guide us.

Choreographer – Diya Naidu
Performers – Maitreyee Joshi
Seher Noor Mehra
Akshata Joshi
Diya Naidu

Sound – Deepthi Bhaskar

Manager – Sruthi 

Team – Paridhi Bihani 

Snigdha Prabhakar

Anagha Kasyap

Supported by – Dipankar Panth
Masoom Parmar
Shoonya Centre for Art and Somatic Practices
Courtyard and community

Film and footage – Vishnu Nambiar